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Hello! Welcome to XDevWiki, a place where information relating to the xbox 360 and it's native system software can freely be shared.
We're just starting up. so we're a bit bland right now. If you want to help out then feel free to start a page or just help with an existing one.
If you're new to the whole wiki thing, please consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.


Also, we're the home of RGLoader which is a project to get a hacked kernel running on a glitched xbox (aka "glitched kernel")
Anyone is welcome to help out, just join us on EFnet in #RGLoader or view the page for more ways of getting in touch.

(note to Microsoft if you don't like the cut of out jib and feel like taking this down, please, there's no need to get lawyers and such involved. Just contact me and ill do whatever you guys want)